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Dr. Vickie Willis

Born and raised on the East Coast Dr. Vickie grew up with the interest of nutrition and functional medicine. In the summer of 1982 Dr. Vickie Willis graduated from the University of Maine with a bachelors of Arts and Zoology. Later that same year she graduated from the National College of Chiropractic with bachelors in science of human biology and becoming a doctor of Chiropractic.


Dr. Vickie moved to Glennallen, Alaska in March 1982 and has been in practice since 1983. Her time out of work consisted of raising six sons in the rugged Copper Valley.  Her boys had graduated from Glennallen High School after being constantly active in sports and school activities.


She has always had an active roll in the Copper Valley: she’s on the board for the Copper River Regional Health Network has been hosting the annual Fun Run as well as the Glennallen Wednesday Market.  Her constant concentration continues to be in technique, nutrition and functional medicine. 

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